Dove’s Rest Comanche

Dove’s Rest Comanche was well furnished, had a beautiful view, and was minutes away from Palo Duro.

I chose this cabin as a halfway point between our home and a vacation place in Estes Park Colorado. I chose it so that we could go to Palo Duro Canyon to see the play Texas and go hiking to break up a long drive. We’ve never been there before but when we arrived we thought the view was outstanding of the canyon. We also found that the cabin was only a few short minutes away from the entrance of Palo Duro and was very accessible to us. I believe families with small children would enjoy this due to the fact that it is very close to the Canyon and returning home with either hot or tired children is fast and easy. Town is 15 miles away and is a long drive after a hike if you stay there.
The cabin itself had beautiful furniture and was very well appointed. The kitchen also had all the necessary appliances for a week long stay. Our children also really enjoyed the hot tub that was out on the back porch of the residence. The back porch also comes with chairs and tables so that we could sit outside and enjoy the view from the cabin.

We had never been to Palo Duro due to the distance from home, however, after our stay we are already talking about going back not only to the canyon but to Comanche Cabin as well. The whole trip was worth the drive and we had a wonderful time. We would highly recommend Dove’s Rest Comanche!

Oklahoma City, OK
July 2017