My wife and I take our two oldest grandchildren (now ages 12 and 9) on a little trip every summer. We’ve taken them to the beach at Corpus Christi, to Austin, to a cabin on Caddo Lake, to a cabin in the woods in Oklahoma, to a treehouse in north Texas and now to Dove’s Rest El Coronado at Palo Duro Canyon. This trip has them all beat! The cabin is fully furnished and the only thing we needed to buy was some food items for breakfast. The refrigerator and pantry had everything else we might need – even a large assortment of games to play and books to read. Even though it’s 16 miles away from the nearest grocery store or gas station, it’s located near Palo Duro State Park, the “Texas” musical, zipline and horseback riding stables, which we all enjoyed. The cabin is beautifully decorated, complete with a buffalo head mounted over the stone fireplace. The views from the living room and patio are spectacular and sunrise over the canyon is amazing. The stars at night and the silence made us city folks realize how much we are missing. We all enjoyed soaking in the hot tub overlooking the canyon and even though there was a warning sign, we didn’t see a single rattlesnake. Several mountain goats paraded right in front of our patio one evening, looking at us like we were invading their space. My wife is not a “rustic” person and was not particularly looking forward to this trip, but the kids and I were excited about it, so she agreed to go. On our final day, before we sadly departed for home, she said she could really enjoy staying another week, sitting on the patio swing, looking at the canyon vista and reading a good book. I agree.

Dallas, TX
July 2017